Assumption (Herculaneum)

Assumption is a permanently closed Catholic parish in Herculaneum, MO. The parish was founded in 1916. The parish closed in 2016.

Photo of Assumption Catholic Church in Herculaneum, MO

Originally served from the parish of St. Peter’s in Kirkwood. At the founding of the parish, it “numbered about one hundred and ten families, mostly of French descent, of whom only forty-five remain. The entire town, with the exception of the Church grounds, is owned by the St. Joseph Lead Co.” [c. 1928] –Rothensteiner, p. 530 .... "Assumption rose and fell in lockstep with the neighboring lead smelter, growing to serve families associated with the St. Joseph Lead Co. and successfor Doe Run Co. then declining as contamination prompted exodus from the neighborhood." - St. Louis Review, 2016


Photo of Assumption Catholic Church in Herculaneum, MO
Image copyright: Herculaneum Historical Society
Photo of Assumption Catholic Church, St. Louis, MO - 2005


Doe Run purchased the property.

The building was demolished in 2016.



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