St. George (Affton)

St. George is a permanently closed Catholic parish in Affton, MO. The parish was founded in 1915. The parish closed in 2018.

Sketch of St. George Catholic Church, Affton, St. Louis, MO

The Parish was established in 1915 by Father John Waeltermann. He began serving in July 1915 and stayed for one year. During that first year the original church was built on Seibert at Gravois. The church grew to 260 members by 1919. The cost of the first church building was over $4,000.00 plus other improvements and was completed in September, 1917. The parish school opened in 1916; the classes were held at three different locations. On August 15, 1917 the cornerstone for the growing school building was laid. The cost for the school, fully equipped, was $26,000.00. The little church on Gravois and Seibert was torn down and newly erected at its’ present location of Gravois and Heege Roads. The original building at Gravois and Seibert was torn down and the cornerstone for a newer church structure was laid in 1927 and dedicated in 1928. The first convent was purchased in 1921 and enlarged in 1934. The auditorium, bowling alleys, with other rooms was built across the street from the new church. It was completed in 1928. The school and covent’s cornerstone was laid in 1953; the building was completed in 1954, an addition that doubled its size was completed soon after. In 2018, St. George and St. Dominic Savio merged to form St. John Paul II Parish.


Sketch of St. George Catholic Church, Affton, St. Louis, MO
Photo of St. George Parish - 2022
Main View, 2022
Image copyright: St. Louis Patina




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