Closed Parishes

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Annunciation (St. Louis City) 91 years
Ascension (Normandy) 48 years
Ascension / St. Paul (Normandy) 13 years
Assumption (Herculaneum) 100 years
Assumption (Perryville) 148 years
Assumption (St. Louis City) 104 years
Corpus Christi (Jennings) 90 years
Good Shepherd (Ferguson) 47 years
Holy Angels / Our Lady of the Angels (Kinloch) 71 years
Holy Cross (St. Louis City) 130 years
Holy Family (St. Louis City) 107 years
Holy Ghost (Berkeley) 76 years
Holy Ghost (St. Louis City) 82 years
Holy Guardian Angels (St. Louis City) 125 years
Holy Innocents (St. Louis City) 151 years
Holy Trinity (St. Ann) 18 years
Immaculate Conception (St. Mary) 144 years
Immaculate Conception (St. Louis City) 123 years
Immaculate Conception / St. Henry (St. Louis City) 28 years
Mary, Queen of the Universe (Lemay) 48 years
Most Blessed Sacrament (St. Louis City) 93 years
Most Holy Name of Jesus (St. Louis City) 127 years
Most Holy Rosary (St. Louis City) 103 years
Most Holy Trinity (Slovak)  (St. Louis City) 84 years
Most Precious Blood (St. Louis City) 42 years
Nativity of Our Lord (St. Louis City) 78 years
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Belgique) 108 years
North American Martyrs (Florissant) 50 years
Notre Dame de Lourdes (Wellston) 90 years
Our Lady Help of Christians (St. Louis City) 75 years
Our Lady of Covadonga (St. Louis City) 17 years
Our Lady of Czestochowa (St. Louis City) 51 years
Our Lady of Fatima (Florissant) 55 years
Our Lady of Good Counsel (Bellefontaine Neighbors) 54 years
Our Lady of Good Counsel (St. Louis City) 56 years
Our Lady of Loretto (Spanish Lake) 46 years
Our Lady of Mercy (Hazelwood) 41 years
Our Lady of Mount Carmel (St. Louis City) 122 years
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Louis City) 118 years
Our Lady of the Rosary (Claryville) 89 years
Our Lady of the Rosary (Spanish Lake) 11 years
Resurrection of Our Lord (St. Louis) 75 years
Sacred Heart of Jesus (St. Louis City) 107 years
Simon of Cyrene (St. Louis City) 12 years
St Joseph National Lithuanian (St. Louis City) 55 years
St. Adalbert (St. Louis City) 81 years
St. Agatha (St. Louis) 134 years
St. Agnes (St. Louis City) 102 years
St. Aloysius (Spanish Lake) 97 years
St. Aloysius Gonzaga (St. Louis) 113 years
St. Ann (St. Louis City) 95 years
St. Augustine (St. Louis City) 108 years
St. Barbara (St. Louis City) 99 years
St. Bartholomew (Hazelwood) 46 years
St. Bernard (St. Louis City) 99 years
St. Blaise (St. Louis City) 43 years
St. Bonaventure (St. Louis City) 12 years
St. Boniface (Perryville) 95 years
St. Boniface (St. Louis City) 145 years
St. Bridget of Erin (St. Louis City) 150 years
St. Casimir (Hathaway Manor) 36 years
St. Casimir (St. Louis City) 66 years
St. Catherine of Alexandria (Riverview) 47 years
St. Catherine of Siena (Pagedale) 84 years
St. Cecilia (St. Louis) 99 years
St. Charles Borromeo (St. Louis City) 79 years
St. Christopher (Florissant) 38 years
St. Columbkille (Byrnesville) 77 years
St. Columbkille (St. Louis City) 80 years
St. Dismas (Florissant) 48 years
St. Dominic Savio (Affton) 62 years
St. Edward (St. Louis City) 99 years
St. Elizabeth (St. Louis City) 78 years
St. Engelbert (St. Louis City) 103 years
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (Jennings) 34 years
St. Francis De Sales (St. Louis City) 138 years
St. George (Affton) 103 years
St. Gregory (St. Ann) 60 years
St. Hedwig (St. Louis City) 101 years
St. Henry (St. Louis City) 92 years
St. Jerome (St. Louis City) 53 years
St. John Nepomuk (St. Louis City) 151 years
St. John the Evangelist (Lithium) 81 years
St. Joseph (St. Louis City) 135 years
St. Kevin (St. Ann) 50 years
St. Kevin (St. Louis City) 28 years
St. Lawrence O'Toole (St. Louis City) 93 years
St. Lawrence the Martyr (Bridgeton) 44 years
St. Leo (St. Louis City) 90 years
St. Liborius (St. Louis City) 136 years
St. Louise de Marillac (Jennings) 64 years
St. Lucy (Jennings) 42 years
St. Malachy (St. Louis City) 101 years
St. Mark (St. Louis City) 99 years
St. Mary (Bridgeton) 150 years
St. Mary of Victories (St. Louis City) 145 years
St. Michael (St. Louis City) 126 years
St. Patrick (St. Louis Convention Center) 28 years
St. Patrick (University City) 61 years
St. Patrick (St. Louis City (6th and Biddle)) 130 years
St. Paul the Apostle (Pine Lawn) 86 years
St. Paul the Apostle (St. Louis City) 6 years
St. Peter Claver (Kinloch) 40 years
St. Philip Neri (St. Louis City) 74 years
St. Philomena (House Springs) 56 years
St. Pius X (Glasgow Village) 51 years
St. Rose of Lima (St. Louis City) 108 years
St. Sebastian (St. Louis City) 52 years
St. Stanislaus Kostka (St. Louis City) 125 years
St. Stephen of Hungary (St. Louis City) 23 years
St. Teresa of Avila (St. Louis City) 118 years
St. Thomas More (Bel Ridge) 42 years
St. Thomas of Aquin (St. Louis City) 123 years
St. Thomas the Apostle (Florissant) 45 years
St. Timothy (St. Louis City) 45 years
St. Wenceslaus (St. Louis) 110 years
St. William (Woodson Terrace) 49 years
Sts. John and James (Ferguson) 123 years
Sts. Mary and Joseph (St. Louis City) 184 years
Sts. Peter and Paul (St. Louis) 156 years
Transfiguration (Florissant) 40 years
Visitation (St. Louis City) 110 years
Visitation/St. Ann Shrine (St. Louis City) 24 years